Title: Love Times Five
Author: Lily G. Blunt
Cover Art: Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art
Release Date: January 19, 2018
Genre/s:  paranormal, gay romance, contemporary, polyamory
Length: 77, 000 words

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There’s safety in numbers and plenty of love to go around. 
When Colin searches for his missing colleague and buddy in the hills of northern England, his life is changed forever. Not only does he find Shaun living in a cabin with the mysterious and undeniably gorgeous Zach, but he also discovers the reason Shaun went AWOL in the first place. Colin wants to draw his friend away to safety, but Zach soon mesmerises him, and he’s happy to stay in his company, for now. 

Passing hikers, Wes and Dane, need some assistance, and the three men are willing to oblige. Thus begins a friendship that develops into much more. 

The five men each have their own secrets. Some are shared, others are kept hidden. It’s only a matter of time before they are exposed and the consequences could change everything for them all.

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Excerpt - From Chapter One

The wooden cabin situated across the sloping meadow was a decent-sized dwelling, with two curtained windows on either side of the door. A covered porch stretched across the front with two old-fashioned rocking chairs and a new SUV was parked to the side.
Movement on the grass in front of the cabin confirmed the place was indeed inhabited. Colin halted in his tracks at the edge of the tree line, his breath on hold, wary of making his presence known. He squinted to get a better view of the two men walking close together. One was sleek and elegant, dressed in dark clothing. He towered over the other smaller, more familiar, figure in a sky-blue T-shirt.
Even from that distance, there was something recognisable about the upward lift of the chin of the shorter man; the way he held his body and the way the breeze ruffled his dark hair.
Yes, thank God. That’s got to be Shaun.Colin snuck behind the nearest tree and peered from around the trunk, not wanting to be seen nor to interrupt them. Not yet anyway. Perhaps he wouldn’t need to make himself known. If he was mistaken and it wasn’t Shaun after all, he could slink away and return home without disturbing them. If it was him, Colin wanted answers. He wouldn’t be able to leave without finding out what the hell Shaun was doing here. With this stranger.The stranger placed his hands on Shaun’s biceps and leaned in closer. He raised an arm, gripped Shaun’s jaw and pushed him backward.Colin’s stomach clenched.
If he hurts Shaun… Colin patted his penknife, a comforting weight where it nestled in his trouser pocket. He’d lost count of the number of times just carrying the knife had given him the confidence to stand up to thugs who thought it was okay to call him out on his sexuality. Colin was proud he could hit most targets with it and had his father to thank for his accurate throwing skills. He was proficient enough to frighten this guy.
The cabin stood on the far side of a wild grassy expanse leading down to a small lake beyond. It was a picturesque setting with early spring flowers peeking through here and there. The sun glinted off the dark surface of the lake, and a rowing boat lay overturned at the water’s edge. Normally, Colin would have taken shot after shot with his phone to capture the charming view. But not today. This was not a sightseeing trip. It might even be a matter of life or death. For Shaun, for himself, maybe for them both considering how the taller guy unsettled Colin. If Shaun was being held captive, it would be up to Colin to rescue him.
A pained groan filled the quiet of the meadow; louder than the songbirds and the insects humming in the air.Colin shuddered all over. His skin prickled with the fear rippling through him.He slowly eased the penknife from his trouser pocket. The handle felt cool in his sweaty palm. Running his thumb over the edge of its sheathed blade, he itched to flick it open. It would take a second to expose the knife and throw it. If only he were a little closer, he’d be sure of hitting his target spot on. He’d need to be accurate if he wanted to rescue his buddy from his captor.
Colin held back a growl. He’d do everything in his power to help Shaun. His body was strong and muscled—too big, Colin worried sometimes. Shaun was slender and wouldn’t stand a chance against this imposing man.The man steered Shaun towards the large stump of a felled tree, and pinned him onto his back. Shaun didn't struggle or fight, only crying out when the man lunged towards him.
What the… are they kissing and making out?The powerful man nuzzled on top of Shaun: licking, nipping, and sucking on his neck. Submitting and not resisting, Shaun allowed the man to take what he needed. A sludge of sickness rolled through Colin’s gut, making him want to puke, like it often did whenever Shaun hooked up with another guy.
Swallowing the bitter-tasting bile, Colin crept over the ground to the adjacent tree, placing his feet gently, trying to make himself light, so as not to disturb the entwined couple. A twig snapped beneath his cumbersome weight and he froze.The two men remained engrossed in each other. Neither of them glanced his way. Sweat trickled down Colin’s back. His skin burned. He wiped the moisture from his brow and stepped closer, gripping the knife so hard his knuckles cracked.What the hell is he doing to Shaun’s neck?A chill ran over Colin’s damp skin. Shaun had mentioned a possessive date who’d bitten him at a nightclub a week or so before he’d disappeared. In fact, it was after that encounter Shaun had started acting out of character. Colin had been worried enough to persuade him to get the bite checked out by his doctor, in case it got infected. Could this be the same sick fuck who was currently grinding his hips against Shaun, trying to get himself off as he latched onto his neck?Colin’s heart thudded, his blood heating with a mix of anger and jealousy. He mustered all his strength, and his nostrils flared when his next breath filled his lungs.He strode towards the rutting couple, but Shaun’s groans of arousal slowed Colin’s pace.“Yes, Zach, that feels good.” Shaun’s passion-filled voice drifted across the meadow.Was his friend in any real danger? Had he been drugged and was being held against his will? It didn’t seem like it. Fuck, what should he do? Goddamn Shaun, he’d worried the hell out of Colin, and here he was having some sort of debauched make-out session with this creep while Colin had been traipsing the hillsides looking for him. Colin gritted his teeth. Whatever had happened to Shaun, he needed to find out what the hell was going on. He continued his steady approach.
Surely these guys must know he was standing not ten feet away from them by now, but Shaun’s eyes remained closed, his lips parted, a look of ecstasy on his face. The guy on top sucked on his neck like there was no tomorrow. He’d have a massive hickey later, and Shaun didn’t seem bothered by it.
Colin’s dick twitched, and he huffed at its traitorous response. How many times had he witnessed other lithe young men rubbing against Shaun like this in clubs and he’d wanted to take their place? And he would have too, if he’d thought for a second he was the kind of guy Shaun wanted.Right now, Colin should haul this leech off Shaun and drag his friend back home, back to work, back to where he belonged.
And still the guy feasted on his neck, sucking and lapping as if his life depended on it. And Shaun was getting off from that. His erotic purrs and moans captivated Colin. Damn it, his dick hadn’t been this hard in weeks. Why couldn’t someone… Shaun… suck on him like that?
Shaun’s eyes fluttered open, and on catching sight of Colin, widened.“Stop, Zach,” he said, pushing him away.
 Had they not heard his approach?
His neck-sucking friend—Zach—turned leisurely.  He raised an eyebrow in challenge, wiped a trickle of blood from his mouth with the back of his hand, and stared with a self-satisfied smirk at Colin. Had he known Colin was standing there all this time?
Cocky bugger. Granted, he was a good-looking cocky bugger. Lean torso and long legs, with smooth, pale skin, yet his eyes were dark and mesmerising. His features appeared almost sculpted, his nose was perfect, and his clean-shaven square jaw made him so very handsome.
Don’t get distracted. He’s dangerous.Shaun rose to a sitting position on the tree stump. Blood trickled from two round marks on his neck. He raised a hand and covered the injury.Colin blinked. Zach had bitten into Shaun’s neck and hurt him. The reality slammed into Colin. He shook his head, trying to clear away a fuzzy feeling, and flicked open his knife.  He held it poised, ready to throw. He still wasn’t sure if this was consensual or if Zach was a nutter who’d done something to overpower Shaun.
“Step away from him,” Colin ordered, making his voice deep and commanding, his arm steady with the knife. “I’m taking Shaun home with me.”Zach shook his head slowly, but he stayed put. Shaun rose to his feet, his eyes fixed on Colin. He held his hands out in a calm down and take it easy posture.“I mean it, sunshine. One sudden move and I’ll throw this blade at you. I’ll make you bleed.” And Colin meant every word. He was prepared to take this guy out to rescue his friend.“Hey, Col. You’ve got it all wrong. He wasn’t hurting me.” Shaun took a step closer to Zach instead of Colin.And that action hurt Colin more than a solid punch in the gut.
“Yeah, Col. Listen to him.” God, Zach was smooth, with a sexy drawl of a voice. His dark, imposing gaze shifted between the knife and Colin’s eyes. And still his body language screamed be wary of me. He couldn’t be trusted. He was going to pounce any second, Colin just knew it.
With a flick of his wrist, Colin tilted the knife, and before he could sound off another warning, it was Shaun who leaped forward, snarling. His clothing shredded and scattered into the air and, out of the blur of movement, before him stood a pale grey wolf baring its teeth.

About the Author

Lily G. Blunt enjoys writing contemporary gay romance and paranormal stories. She loves to explore the relationship between two or more men and the intensity of their physical and emotional attraction. Angst often features in her stories as she feels this demonstrates the depth of feelings between them.

Lily is often inspired by the lyrics to songs and is forever writing imaginary scenes and plots in her head. Only a few of these ever make their way to the page. Lily reviews for several blogs and has recently launched Gay Book Promotions, an online book promotion service for authors of LGBT+ romance and fiction. She loves to hear from readers and other authors.

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Let Your Heart Decide


I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased Let Your Heart Decide and to those wonderful friends and followers who shared posts and links via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. It was greatly appreciated.
I've been overwhelmed by some of the fabulous comments readers have made about my taboo story via their blogs and reviews. I'm going to share some of the highlights with you in this post.

I would like to make a comment about the ending of the story without giving away any spoilers as several people have commented on it. I wanted to give my boys a HEA and to some extent I have done that, although I have left the future for them open. I debated over this issue long and hard as I was writing the story, but in the end I wanted the reader to be part of the experience.  Your reaction to the story is the reaction Rhys and Jake might face in the future from friends, family and colleagues.
I hope you 'Let Your Heart Decide'.

So, here are snippets of reviews and the links so you can read the full reviews of the story.


"So many tears. I can't stop crying. I just can't. The dual love stories of the brothers separated by a century and the ghosts just wrecked me. Rhys and Jake, and Samuel and Thomas were heartbreaking and poignant. Jet was adorable and the ghosts creepy and mournful. The taboo angst was sexy but not overdone at all. Very pleased. I need more from this author."

"Every so often, a book comes along that restores and redefines your faith in the m/m romance genre. This was such a book for me. It was sweet, hot, sensual, and suspenseful--everything that I need in a really great read. Yes, Rhys and Jake were brothers as well as lovers, but this very much takes a back seat to their relationship. The author does a marvelous job of not painting the situation with a sensationalist brush; not focusing on the taboo nature of it while not dismissing it entirely. I need more..."

"I really enjoyed reading Jake and Rhys's story it was beautifully written, dealing not just with the taboo relationship but also the consequences and the guilt. The side characters of Thomas and Samuel was intriguing and I really wanted to see the mystery solved and how it was interwoven with Jake and Rhys's relationship. It pulled me in from the start and i didn't want to put it down. It was heartwarming and funny..."

"The love of a soul mate will stay with you forever...and the forever after. Two love stories intertwined, in the present and from beyond time, both helping the other to find their way back to the person they can't be whole without. A story of acceptance, finding peace, and above all else, love. Mystery and intrigue drew me in, and the loving of souls kept me there."

Reviews from Bloggers


"The writing is very subtle in the book. There is no sensationalism, no tantalizing, cheap use of the incest theme to drive the plot. This was a very beautifully written book that tells not one but two love stories. It’s important to note that, unlike a lot of books in this taboo genre, this is not a story told for shock value. It is, first and foremost, a love story, not erotica, not porn on paper. So a reader going into this looking for taboo sex may find the story slow and unsatisfying. Don’t get me wrong, there’s sex. Hot sex. But it comes later in the story, after Rhys and Jake reconnect and fall in love again."


Heat Rating: Off the charts!

"This is a love with a HEA but one that we know will always have obstacles to overcome. I loved that it was a slow build it made them finally coming together so much hotter and sweeter. The addition of all the secondary characters was just as perfectly woven into the story as the rest of the pieces. Each bringing a part that was needed into the story from the neighbors to the ghosts they all worked to bring Rhys and Jake to their HEA."



"A very powerful and gripping story where I was consumed by every word the author penned. Some will consider this taboo and not give it the credit it deserves, but in my opinion, this is a perfect reflection of love is love. A bond that is so strong that regardless to where you are you feel the pull and the need to be as close as humanly possible. Your sexual desires cannot be extinguished by any other until the two come together clashing teeth and tongues, pulling and pushing, biting and scratching to get every single piece of each other. I was completely absorbed with these moments and had to say to myself…breathe."



"Ordinary everyday moments like taking a walk through the field are followed by heart-wrenching thoughts of forbidden love, by sweet memories and then by sightings of ghosts. I’ve never read such a fine mix between contemporary or supernatural. The setting the writer chose helps for it – the English country with its history which you can practically breathe in the air."


"The setting of this story, in rural Britain, is gorgeous and I would love to visit the Hall and the woods, especially the little church and the grounds.
The plot is solid and not all that far-fetched and the pace of the story is quick enough to keep you interested, yet not so fast that your head’s spinning.
Finally, I have to commend the editor; they have done a great job."



"This story grabbed hold of my heart from the first few pages. Lily G Blunt writes with feeling and sensuality, making your heart ache for the main characters, brother Rhys and Jake, and for the parallel history of Thomas and Samuel, brothers painfully torn apart."



"The attraction between Rhys and Jake is palatable just as Rhys’s doubts and hesitations make perfect sense. Their reunion after two years apart and their journey back towards each other had me on the edge of my seat even more than the ghostly part of the story had. While the mystery certainly captivated me I couldn’t wait to see when and how Rhys and Jake would find a way to be all they were destined to become."



"This was a beautifully written and thoughtful story. The relationship between the brothers takes center stage, with the ghost story complementing it. I didn’t feel the romance was played for shock value, but it felt organic and pure as any other two men falling for each other. The brothers reminisce about growing up together and through that the reader is given good insight into the closeness the two always shared, their sexual explorations as teens sharing a bedroom and how it continued into adulthood."


"I loved the way the story was a contemporary story but hinted at paranormal elements. The historical components were also fascinating, weaved through the story as Rhys finds about the area he has moved in to. So as you read the book you learn about Rhys and his relationship with his brother and about him forging new friendships as he moves back to town after a two year absence. Alongside this is the story of the family who used to live in the Hall, a grand house nearby."



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New Release

 Finding Love: The Perfect Size for You


 Lily G Blunt


Format: ebook and paperback
Language: English
Book Length: Short Story (12K)
Pages: 60
Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Erotic Romance
Heat Rating: Burning
Release Date: 9th March 2016

This story has been previously published as The Perfect Size for You by Torquere Press in the Take It Like a Man anthology.
This second edition has been expanded and reedited.

cropped-Rainbow-Header copy 5

A male escort takes on an inexperienced client and breaks the first rule of rent boys: don’t get attached. 
 After updating his Rent Boy blog profile, well-endowed porn star Ty receives a text from a sexually inexperienced client. Andy, the client, asks Ty to provide him with the necessary know-how so should he ever get a date with the guy he’s attracted to, he’ll be fully prepared. Little does Ty know that this hookup will lead to a friendship that will subsequently change his life.  


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cropped-Rainbow-Header copy 6

The door opened, and a skinny geek with specs faced me. Thinking I had the wrong house, and worried that the boy’s father had made the appointment, I floundered. Now, that will be awkward. How’s he planning to get his kid out of the house?

“Excuse me. I’m looking for Andy. Is he here?”

The boy flushed bright red and pushed up his black-framed glasses. “That’s me, I’m Andy Parker. You have the right address.”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Okay, son! How old are you?” He didn’t look a day over fifteen.

His eyes widened, but his gaze didn’t leave mine. He bristled a little, rising to his full height. “I’m eighteen. Nineteen in three months. I can show you my ID, if you like.” He looked beyond my shoulder, then ushered me hastily inside.

I followed him to the kitchen. “I’m Tyrone, by the way.”

He hadn’t even asked my name. I could have been any weirdo coming into his home. I guessed he recognized me from my online photos or my porn videos. Whatever. It looked like he was expecting me anyway.



cropped-Rainbow-Header copy 3

"This novella is a sexy, short read that is a little delicious treat.  Ty was cute and likable, and I appreciate that this had a cute HEA but didn't avoid the complexities that come with a character who is in porn and escort services.  Andy is an adorable, geeky, and not very shy virgin.  I loved their pairing and their evolution.  Even in this short little gem, Blunt packed a solid punch!"

"I do love a story where the characters surprise me and not live up to the stereotype they initially appear to be. Both the blurb and the start of Finding Love had me convinced I was dealing with a cocky porn star who knows it all and a shy, inexperienced and maybe even submissive student. And both Ty and Andy live up to their stereotype nicely…or do they? Is Ty really as sure of himself and what he wants as he thinks he is? And could Andy possibly have quite a bit of backbone behind his coyness? I had so much fun with this story. Getting to know Ty and Andy was as exciting as Andy’s enticing introduction to the world of intimacy and sex was. This story is told from Ty’s perspective which, in this case, is exactly right. Watching Ty as he slowly has to admit to himself that Andy is becoming more than a client and, later, more than ‘just’ a friend was as fascinating as getting to know the real Andy was. This is a short story and yet it is not a case of insta-love. We follow Ty and Andy’s journey from the first time they make what is purely a commercial arrangement to the point where they can no longer pretend to be anything else than boyfriends. And their journey is intriguing and beautiful. Thank you Lily for yet another well written story and captivating read. I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

Praise for The Perfect Size for You


 Amazon and Goodreads Reviews

"Such an amazing story and one I was very interested in since I know someone in that business. It was a true fairy tale and I laughed and cried and never wanted it to end. Truly brilliant."

“A big fan and this one did not disappoint! Totally adored it and can't wait for her next book already!”

 “I just love this writer... This storyline was well written and I loved each page.  I wish it had gone on longer too damn short!”

 “I really enjoyed this short story. I'm a sucker for rent boys/porn industry stories and this hit the spot wonderfully! I really loved Andy and Ty together.
 The sexy times were sweet and then hot! I'm really anxious to get to this author's other porn industry book!”

“A definite must read!”

“Lily's writing flowed well for me. She combined a nice mix of sweet and hot but neither guy came across as needy or desperate.”

“It’s a good short story you can read while having a cuppa. I'll definitely be reading more from Lily.”


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