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5* Reviews For 'Happy Anniversary, Jasper'

"On their tenth anniversary, Nathan remembers all of the wonderful moments of his intense relationship with Jasper.

Beautifully written, this is easily a favorite of mine. The love Nathan and Jasper share is so heartwarming that I couldn't help but smile. I felt as though I was right beside the two MCs, watching as they created a life together."

"Ok. I didn't read the warnings which to be honest I am glad about. Would have spoilt the story for me maybe. But even though the ending is what it is....I totally adored the description of this couple's love. I think it will be re-read over and over on my kindle, the same as the other two will be by Lily G Blunt and I look forward to more of her fantastic work."

"I really fell in love with Nathan and Jasper in this story. Hardly any books can pull at my heartstrings but this one has come the closest. I look forward to the next book in the series."

"I loved the original version of this and remember crying my eyes out, I didn't expect it to have the same impact this time - BOY WAS I WRONG! Maybe because I knew what was coming, but cry I did.

The way that this is told is beautiful, you can feel Nathan's emotions and the love that he has for Japser as he sits and waits for the love of his life on their anniversary in their favorite restaurant, but will he arrive?"

"This was brilliant! The only reason I didn't cry was because a friend told me how it ended... Totally my kind of story and if I wasn't aware of the ending, I would have blubbered."


Best Shower Ever

Using Thursday's (14th Feb) daydream scene as my inspiration,
 I have written a short story based around this.

Warning: contains explicit gay sex