Release Blitz - A Christmas Surprise by Kenna Grace


Book Title: A Christmas Surprise

Author: Kenna Grace

Cover Artist: Ana J. Phoenix

Genre/s: M/M contemporary Christmas mpreg, second chance romance, mistaken identity

Length: 51 000 words

It is a standalone story. 

Release Date: December 5, 2018

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An omega with a mistaken identity and an alpha set up on a blind date experience a Christmas miracle in this full-length steamy, mpreg, second chance romance novel.


A string of bad relationships hasn’t made me the most positive person. If love taught me anything, it’s that it only lasts in movies and between the pages of sappy novels. A NYC subway station is the last place I expect to meet anyone, but when some charming alpha mistakes me for his blind date, I foolishly play along. It was only supposed to be a one-time thing, but Clay isn’t like other alphas. When I start falling for him, I know I need to come clean. Except the truth is exposed before I get the chance. I figure that’s the end of our story—until I find out I’m pregnant with his baby.


Elliott was nothing like how he was described, except in one regard—he was perfect. A failed marriage made me skeptical when I was told the omega was my perfect match. Sparks fly and I can’t deny the chemistry between us, but then the truth comes out. Elliott was lying. He wasn’t my blind date. Things come to a screeching halt when I need to figure out if I was falling for Elliott or the omega he was pretending to be. When I find out he’s pregnant with our baby, I want to give us a second chance and prove Christmas miracles really can come true.


Something about walking around bustling New York with a Christmas tree somehow seemed both crazy and yet perfectly normal. If it meant spending more time with Clay though, the decision was an easy one. “Deal.”

His eyes opened wide as he studied my face. “Are you sure? Cause I’m not joking,” he said suspiciously.

I cracked a smile. “I’m not going to let you look like an idiot by yourself.”

He suppressed a laugh. “Perfect, now we won’t be able to tell if the stares are at some idiot carrying a tree or at the cute, glowing omega walking by his side.”

I rolled my eyes, but I could feel the warmth radiating from my blushing cheeks. His flattery had me feeling like a child on Christmas. “Let’s pick one out, you cheeseball.”

Clay and I did a couple laps around the rows of fir trees until we found one that looked at least somewhat manageable to carry back.

One of the volunteers in an elf costume tied it up with some twine while Clay counted out a few bills. Because we’d spent over a certain amount, we also received a box of gourmet hot chocolate. I tossed the container into one of my bags while Clay struggled to figure out how to best carry a Christmas tree three city blocks.

Suddenly, my phone started to ring.

I pulled it from my pocket and read the caller ID. It was the hospital calling me back. I swiped to accept the call and brought the phone to my ear. “Hi?”

A voice spoke from the other end of the line, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I blocked my other ear with a finger. “Sorry, come again?”

I still wasn’t able to make out what they were asking; there were just too many things going on and people talking and laughing and cheering. “Sorry, one second.”

“Clay,” I said, getting his attention. I waved my phone around in front of me. “I have to take this,” I nodded my head over to an empty corner of the lot, “I’ll be right over there.”

He nodded and brought his focus back to the tree with a puzzled expression.

I weaved my way around running children and made my way over to the empty corner and spoke back into my phone. “Sorry about that,” I apologized. “Apparently Santa’s workshop isn’t the best place to take a call.”

A voice on the other end of the line let out a chuckle. “We’re just calling you back to schedule that ultrasound. Would you be able to make it in December 9th? That’s exactly one week from today. Say two o’clock.”

“Yeah, that works for me. Thank you so much.”

“You're welcome. Put in a good word to the big man in red for me.”

I laughed. “Will do. Take care.” Just as I ended the call and slid my phone back into my pocket, Clay came wobbling over with the tree hugged between his arms and peeking through the bristles to find his way.

He leaned it against the fence and brushed the stray needles off his pea coat. “Everything alright?”

I was so excited I was nearly shaking in my shoes. “Guess what?” I beamed.

His brows arched. “What?”

“Got the date for my next ultrasound!”

Clay’s face lit up like the Christmas lights illuminating all around us.

Overcome with joy, I practically leaped into his arms when I hugged him. It had been so long since we’d embraced, I had almost forgot how comfortable I felt in his arms.

I craned my neck and our eyes locked. Clay was smiling down at me like he knew something I didn’t. “What?” I chuckled. “Do I have something on my face?”

Clay replied without words and tilted his head to look upwards.

My gaze followed his until I saw what exactly it was that had him smiling. Hanging from a wooden beam a few feet above us was mistletoe.

Our eyes met again.

He ran his hand through my hair. “It’s bad luck not to,” he said, leaning in until his lips brushed against mine.

My breath shook and suddenly all the talking and laughing and cheering around us hushed away. Even if for only a moment.

I tasted his lips when he kissed me slow and he tasted passion when I kissed him fast. My stomach fluttered and the world began to spin and spin and spin until my eyes drifted shut and my knees felt weak and my head light. It was only a kiss. Not even our first kiss. But it was beautiful because it meant our last kiss wasn’t a last kiss.

About the Author 

Kenna Grace is a small woman with a huge personality. By evening, she can be found writing, reading, and getting lost in her wild imagination. In her other life, she’s a behavioral analyst and devoted partner, but writing about men falling in love and their happily-ever-after is so much more exciting!

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