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Book Title: The Steam Room

Author and Publisher: Olivia Monroe

Release Date: May 1, 2022

Genre: Contemporary Erotica M/M Romance

Length:  36 000 words/ 118 pages

Heat Rating: 5 flames     

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.


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Can Kit convince Griffin that he is worth his time and effort? Or will Griffin find Kit is no different from the last five men he has dated?


Griffin Marks is bitter and jaded after breaking up with another cheating boyfriend. All he wants is someone to appreciate his passion for landscaping and love him for who he is without cheating on him. Is being faithful so tricky?

When Kit Smithfield joins Griffin in the club’s steam room, he opens a door that neither of them can close again. The problem is that Kit’s never been with a man before, and the last thing Griffin wants is to get involved with someone who isn’t sure what he wants.

Can Kit convince Griffin that he is worth his time and effort? Or will Griffin find Kit is no different from the last five men he has dated?


Chapter 1 – Griffin

“You know what? I’m done. I’m so fucking done with you! Screw you, Blake. I don’t need this shit anymore. Go hang with your new boyfriend. I hope you two have a nice life together.” I yanked the phone away from my ear and stabbed my finger against the screen to hang up.

          That was the last time I was going to talk to Blake Warners. We have had a tumultuous relationship for over three years, and I was done with it. I was so damn tired of boyfriends that cheated. Why couldn’t other guys be monogamous? I knew that in the gay community, it was almost considered normal to have sex with other men, but that wasn’t me. I wanted to be with someone who only wanted to be with me. Was it really that hard? Or was I the problem?

          Since I came out as gay at the age of eighteen, I’d been in a string of on-again, off-again relationships, one after the other. For the last fourteen years, I had dated exclusively five men, and every one of them had gotten involved with another man on the side. At first, I would overlook it, give them a second, third, and even a fourth chance once, but they always got caught with their pants down, and quite literally.

          I was fucking over it.

          I grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door. The only way I would ease this anger was to spend a few hours throwing weights around until I couldn’t lift my arms above my head. Then I would hit a bar and drink myself under the fucking table—again.

          Or maybe I would find some random guy to screw in the backseat of my truck. Who the fuck knew! All I knew was that I was done with relationships.

          I jumped into my truck and made my way to the gym. I hoped like hell that Blake didn’t show up there tonight. It would be just like him to bring his new piece of ass to the gym just to spite me.

Shit! I was going to have to find a new place to workout. I sure couldn’t afford the membership there on my own. The yearly cost was almost more than I made in four months. Blake had gifted mine to me the last two years, and while it was an annual membership, it was up next month.

          I sighed as I pulled into the parking lot. My beat-up Ford had always looked out of place amidst the Volvos, Beamers, and Audis that filled the spaces. When Blake had first brought me here, I’d been uncomfortable. It was a much higher class than I was used to. Blake was much higher class than I was used to.

About the Author

Growing up in LA, Olivia always had a keen imagination and a talent for writing stories. Even from her early years, she hoped to see her name on a book cover and share her tales with others one day.

After gaining her degree in Creative Writing, she traded the warm weather of LA for colder and wetter winters in NYC. There she met her husband Michael, with whom she has a daughter, Emma, and son, Danny.

Olivia is a self-proclaimed romantic, which has helped bless her with a career writing steamy, contemporary romance novels. She admits that much of her inspiration comes from people watching in corner café's and observing couples strolling through local parks.

Beyond writing, Olivia loves to indulge in red wine and dark chocolate but can't stand onions of any kind. After a long day, you can find her relaxing in a warm bubble bath or blowing off steam through dance.

In the future, she hopes to buy a cottage in Southern France where she can continue to write steamy romance novels, with her faithful golden retriever, Roberto, lazily sleeping at her feet.

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